Let’s break the chains and discuss why we should be having all the s$x in the world.

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People who have sex every single day are happier individuals.
It isn’t news that we feel f*cking amazing right after we’ve had sex. But did you know those effects actually carry on inside of us long after we’ve romped in the sheets?


Huffington Post blogger Brittany Gibbons shared her story of having sex every single day for an entire year on her blog, where she expressed a boost in confidence, excitement for life and overall happiness.

At first, Gibbons’ commitment to sex each day changed her normal routine, and she felt like it could be adding another unnecessary stress in her life. But once she and her partner started hitting the sheets, everything started to change. She writes,

She writes,

It stopped being a chore, and became the moment of the day where I was most at peace. Where I could have an actual conversation with my husband and know he was listening to me and not secretly watching television or elbow deep in Lego assembly.
Having sex brings out our inner confidence, which may be part of the reason we feel happy and rejuvenated afterward.

One study from the University of Texas shows that participants who had sex regularly felt much more confident about their bodies than those who did not go romping.

Sex is natural, and also happens to be really good for you.
WebMD reports on the endless benefits of regularly engaging in those steamy moments. Such positive effects include a (mostly) perfectly running



Having sex gives you a healthy glow, making you look and feel even sexier. Let us not forget beauty is on the inside and the outside. There’s nothing hotter than a healthy person who feels just as amazing as he or she looks, right?

I’d also like to add in here that, for me at least, having sex counts as exercise. All that pumping, thrusting and fooling around adds up to an essential cardiovascular and muscular workout that should be done every day.

The more sex we have on a daily basis, the more creative we become.
Psychologists at the University of Newcastle found that professional artists have some of the highest numbers of sex partners out of all participants surveyed.

What’s more interesting is that we are actually more creative when we combine sex with love. Psychology Today reports on a comparative study designed to test levels of creativity when thinking about lust and love.

Study participants were asked to imagine a long walk with their loved one on a beach and were then asked to perform creative tests that were designed to examine their level of creative output.

Those levels of creativity turned out to be much higher than when participants were asked to imagine casual sex with a partner they were not in love with.

In fact, when people imagined casual sex, their brains became more analytical rather than creative. Could it be that mixing sex and love is what actually inspires creativity, rather than just having sex with as many people as possible?

Perhaps those artists were misunderstood, looking for love in all the wrong places (and creating beautiful art shortly after).

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Sex inspires people to feel more confident, creative and freer than ever before because it is a necessary and vital aspect to human life. We’re actually one of the few animals designed to enjoy sex rather than just do it purely for mating purposes.

I truly believe that is because, as humans, we are also designed to be creative, social individuals. I certainly feel happier and much more confident after having sex with my partner. In fact, I feel liberated.

Just like how we feel good knowing we’ve been successful in something, it feels incredible to know we’re either loved deeply by someone or that we’re at least someone’s sexual interest.

Having sex every day unlocks your creativity as well as benefits your health and your happiness. So what are you waiting for?

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