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You Stole From The Poor Hushpuppi Rumored Girlfriend Amirah Dyme speak After Arrest By Interpol

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Hushpuppi alleged girlfriend Amirah Dyme speaks after his arrest for fraud by interpol/Fbi police in Dubai.

Gistvic Blog recalls, Hushpuppi and Mr Woodbery were reportedly arrested after months of investigation by the FBI following a fraudulent deal.

He was alleged to have been nabbed after allegedly diverting coronavirus funds up to the tune of $35 million.

While reacting to the news, Instagram Model Amirah blasted Hushpuppi and called him a thief for stealing from the poor



Imagine Telling someone they’re not good enough to come and sit with the “rich people” because of how they’re dressed when they bought their clothes with their own money while u literally stole the money that you used to buy outfits with from poor people. KARMA is a b**ch. Hope u like orange



“Hushpuppi was reportedly in a relationship with Instagram model, Amirah after the two were caught together on several occasions. Read (Gist Here).





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