Ultimate Love: A day in the Love Residence

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Nigeria’s first love reality TV show, ‘Ultimate Love’

will kick off on Sunday, February 9, 2020, and Pulse had a tour of the ‘Love Residence.’

For the first time in the history of reality TV shows in Nigeria, a show (Ultimate Love) which centers on finding love will be airing.

‘Ultimate Love’ will see 18 housemates consisting single men and women living together in the ‘Love Residence’ for eight weeks. These guys are expected to find love during the show’s run.

Pulse was given a tour of the ‘Love Residence’ 48 hours before the show’s premiere to get a first-hand feel of what it is to be a resident at the beautifully furnished house put together by Multichoice Nigeria.

To say the team is 100% ready to leave Nigerians spellbound for the next eight weeks is an understatement. First of all we got to visit the team behind the magic that Nigerians and the rest of Africa see on TV.

We met the technical crew to see the guys manning the sound, audio and practically everything needed to make the show a success story.

These guys, in their already close-to-militarily-organised formation were busy dotting the Is and crossing the Ts to make sure the show goes on without any hitch. It would surprise you to know that every equipment used at the technical department has been double checked (We nor wan hear stories).

Then we moved to the beautifully decorated ‘Love Residence’ where the housemates will be spending the next eight weeks trying to move that status from ‘single, ready to mingle to definitely walking down the aisle.’

Toast to the organisers of the ‘Ultimate Love’ for a well-detailed and family-oriented decoration given to the residence. If you think these housemates are going to bored for one second in the house then you certainly do not know what ‘Ultimate Love’ has up its sleeves. Even though the guys and ladies will be having separate rooms, we all know it won’t take long before those rules will be broken when the love birds begin to mingle.

It is going to be interesting watching young women and men trying to find love in just eight weeks. From my little tour of the ‘Love Residence’, one thing I’m certain of is that Nigerians and the rest of Africa will be in for a swell time over the next eight weeks.

Ultimate Love premieres on DSTV on Sunday, February 9.


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