Top Seven ghana Rap Songs With The Best Punchlines



A punchline by definition is the culmination of a joke or story, providing the humour or climax. However in the context of music, it’s when a musician laces his or her music with thought-provoking and witty lyrics that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.



The list below captures some of these songs. It’s important to note this is strictly an opinion. If you truly appreciate what a punchline in rap music is all about, then checkout the under listed compilations



Warning is a banging tune by all standards. It is profound in lyrics and intense in delivery. This song even has the ability to be rated one of the best Hiplife song of all time. Good work by the Fante rapper, Teephlow.


This man actually needs no introduction and his 1999 hit song Yaanom equally needs no introduction. Obrafuor created a unique image for himself and raised the bar for Hiplife. He made Yaanom a timeless creative art. This is why Obrafuor is still regarded as a legend.



Lord Kenya-Enyom no
Lord Kenya may be an evangelist now but his footprint in the sand of Hiplife is still indelible. In Enyom no, he spat fire, though not a necessarily a diss song he attacked his own beat and made the song a masterpiece.



2Ras-Mede be bom
Honestly this rapper is relatively unknown. His name is never mentioned on radio and mainstream media- a very strange fact. But his song, which isused as a soundtrack (the only recognition he gets) for the popular series, Afia Swarzeggnegger is a true reflection of his quality which is still unrecognised.

Interestingly, that song features Obrafuor which means the legend has passed his vote of confidence on him.


R2bees-Yawa girl
The Tema boys did a very good job on this song. I particularly like the lyrics and the manner at which Omar Sterling ‘destroyed’ the track.



This list will definitely not be incomplete without any of Sarkodie’s song. In this song which is a cover version of Rick Ross’ Hustling, Sarkodie demonstrated something rare.



Edem- U dey craze
Edem’s U dey craze song was a massive hit because of its mixture of great punchlines spewed by Sarkodie and Kwaw Kesse. Though lots of us can’t understand Ewe, Edem’s language, U dey was crazy with much venom from Edem and his companions.






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