The inspiration behind Kohh the male make up artist read more




I got inspired into makeup as a joke . I never thought i was going to take it serious or have it as a job. When I started out with makeup 2015 I was always practicing on my face and my sister’s . Most times when she wasn’t available I would result to using my face and I really enjoyed it . Sometimes I would literally create 3 full looks In a day . Each time I saw something new on Instagram , I would just want to try it out . Time went by and by 2019 I just decided to do the makeup , record it and post it . And I didn’t even post it for likes or comments , I just wanted to show people what I could so. Surprisingly, I barely got any negative comments and subconsciously I kept up with the videos and the rest Is history .smiles


 and he also share his future plans and Goals 

he plans to have his own makeup studio, probably a cosmetic line . Also I want to have taught and inspired so many people . I want to show people that it doesn’t matter who or what gender you are , you can be anything you want as long as you believe and never stop pushing  i got motivated by my sisters




















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