Rexxie: An architect of shepeteri 2.0 [Pulse Interview]

Rexxie’s story is one of how the stars could align to bless one person with concurrent blessings.

Producers are the soul of music. Artists just give the music a body and an identity. This is not dissimilar to written code that’s not found a program to run on.

In the world we live in, artists are credited with influencing the soundscape because they have the body of work and the identity. Meanwhile, beneath the shadows, producers are hacking the system with sounds, hoping to hit the next goldmine while getting inspired by history and elevating substances.

Some of them hack it and find mainstream success, but that’s only a few people. Most producers end up being content with just doing what makes them happy. But even for the few who crack that mainstream success, they don’t get the gratification they deserve and time affords them on a limited window.


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