Omah Lay Lived Up To His Hype On Get Layd

Breakouts in the music industry are always exciting to watch, in 2019 we had a couple, Rema, Fireboy, and Joeboy were last year’s breakout stars


This year hasn’t produced the same amount as the last year but it has produced one in Omah Lay, introducing us to two singles earlier in the year, ‘You’ and high charting ‘Bad Influence’ asides from singing he also produces songs, he produced two of the five songs on his EP.

Unknown to many, Omah Lay had a few singles out before his breakout songs, songs like Hello Brother, Do Not Disturb and Say Bye Bye, this writer listened to alternate cuts for Omah Lay’s You and thought there was no other outcome for the talented singer his breakout was imminent



His EP Get Layd centers around love, heartbreak, and sex, opening with groovy mid-tempo ‘Damn’, here Omah Lay sings about his lover’s unconditional love for him regardless of his shortcomings doing so with unhindered flow and impeccable delivery.

Next up is LOLO, a fast-paced love song, this writer believes this song has some of the best adlibs he has heard this year and the solo guitar run at 2:17 till the end of the song was fantastic, coming right after Omah Lay’s offer to show good love is ‘You’, an instantly catchy song with infectious melodies, released before the EP ‘You’ already proved to be a hit alongside Bad Influence both previously released before the EP, Bad Influence is a mid-tempo story of heartbreak



The final track on the EP is YeYeYe, a song about sex and his sexual prowess, Future would b proud of this record, confusing lyrics but as Nigerians you probably get the idea. Average track with shallow lyrics.


Lovely artwork the color makes it pop.

Get Layd is an exciting project from one of 2020’s breakout talent, personally would’ve loved more than just three new songs but that’s just my insatiable thirst for good music speaking.

Love the arrangement of the songs track 1-3 talk about love track 4 about heartbreak and he rounds it off on 5 with sex, sort of like how the dating scene is in circles fall in love get heartbroken and then just look out for sex. Rinse and repeat.

Omah Lay’s Get Layd EP is brilliant possesses shock value music, expectations were high but he lived up to the hype with this EP





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