Not until you have millions before you can help, see a youth like you reaching out to the needy on a special day like this february 14

DJybnl JohnCFC NA Tags this “Outreach as Meet My lovers”

Yes, the young talented blogger is right by calling this wonderful kids his lover Or are they not deserve to be loved?

To all of all us we agree that they should be loved and always remembered.

Why don’t you make this as an example for yourself to be a better person rather than showing off in the street for those people that don’t care about what you are even doing.










DJYBNL JOHNCFC NA with the children

Wonderful nigerian Youth, we are far more better than our old petty thief leader, let all lead a life that has meaning and always help the needy.

DJBNL JOHNCFC NA we thank you for this and always do more ………………………………………………..the will reward you.

from the stable of djybnl olofofo expert

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