Netflix Announces Release of ‘Gay Jesus’ Christmas Special saying jesus is a Gay

Netflix has been met with an intense backlash after announcing the release of its “gay Jesus” Christmas special – “The First Temptation of Christ.”The flick was created by Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos (which literally translates to “back door”) and appears to be a ruthless attack on Jesus Christ and Christianity in general.The group released The Last Hangover on Netflix last December, which is a movie inspired by “The Hangover” that retells Christ’s Last Supper with his disciples as a drunken night of debauchery.In this year’s new Christmas special, however, Jesus turns 30 and brings his gay boyfriend home to meet Mary and Joseph.


The latest release has been met with widespread outrage, with Netflix accused of blasphemy.1.14 million Brazilians have already signed a petition demanding that Netflix removes the movie

Here’s a reviewer’s description of the movie:The setup is that Jesus (Gregório Duvivier) attends his 30th birthday surprise party with his boyfriend Orlando (Fábio Porchat).The party, thrown by José (Rafael Portugal) and Maria (Evelyn Castro), has a number of high-profile biblical guests, including God (Antonio Tabet), which prompts plenty of debate about parental rights and responsibilities as Christ grapples not just with his parentage but with his own spiritual journey.


According to LGBT website Pink News, Porta dos Fundos is comprised of “five people from Rio de Janeiro who started making sketches and parodies on their YouTube channel.”“Jesus is turning 30 and brings a surprise guest to meet the family,” the film is described on Netflix.”A Christmas special so wrong that it must be from comedians Porta dos Fundos.”“The First Temptation of Christ” has been slammed as blasphemous and disrespectful by Brazilian Christians, many identifying as Catholics.




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