Lai says Nigeria is the freest, safest country to live

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Lai Mohammed said the Buhari-led government has not tampered with the fundamental human rights of citizens with its support for the hate speech and social media regulation bills.

Lai noted that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government had not infringed on the freedom of speech or rights of individuals.

The Minister noted the government was only sanitising the media on hate speech and abuse of the freedom of speech.

“The hate speech bill is not an attempt to clip the media. So also the social media regulation which is only to sensitise and not deny the rights of individuals,” he said.

Lai restated that whatever is tolerated on the streets would be accepted online.

According to him, the government, through the Ministry of Information, had begun the fight against hate speech since 2017.

The Minister maintained that if people were allowed to do whatever they want on social media in Nigeria, with diversity of religion and political interests, there will be chaos.

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