Jude Okoye Should F*cking Give Me My Money – Cynthia Morgan Continues to Throw Jabs liveVideo)

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Cynthia Morgan, earlier today took to her official Instagram page and went live on the platform, where she ranted about her former manager, Jude Okoye.

In the video, Morgan seems to be pissed over the fact that her former record label executive stated that she owes him money, whereas she doesn’t. As can be heard, Cynthia says “Jude came online to tell everyone that she owes him money and she doesn’t”.

Without showing her face, she vents aggressively as she says that the Northside Music executive should pay her her money… She says she’s suffering and Jude is owing her money and as such, should pay his due.





recall that about two months ago Cynthia cussed out at the music executive for his ‘evil ways’.

While it’s unclear what may have prompted her outburst, but a message on her Instagram story at the time read, “@judeengees you will suffer for your evil ways








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