I Have Decided To Follow Jesus – Hushpuppi

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I have decided to follow Jesus was the song on the lips of the Nigerian born Dubai magnate  Hushpuppi while he took his bath in his custom made Versa swimming pool before he was arrested over an alleged $430 million dollar scam



The video of him circulating on the media space shows him happily singing the gospel song which gives the impression he was willing to give up his life to God but couldn’t, as worldly pleasures corrupted his mind and blinded his eyes, preventing him from seeing the light.

The former billionaire was arrested by a joint security force (Dubai Police and Interpol) over an alleged billion-dollar scam in many countries. A video put out by the Dubai police recently reveals Hushpuppi and his 12 other disciples are involved in fraudulent activities outside the UAE It further revealed that the crew ripped off 1.9 million people to earn $430 million.

He and his cohorts are currently under investigation and may face harsh punishment if found guilty of the allegations leveled against them

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