#fcfmt: Both Campaigns posters of electing presidents was ripped off (tear)

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A lot of things has been going on lately as posters was been ripped off yesterday at the school

The two electing president posters were been ripped off.

More importantly, though these posters are imbued with the fleeting marks of  students actions against their  support

However, this assumption seems to be that the  destroyers of those posters were  never identified.

more articles would be seen as soon as possible .

as interviews and Champaign’s would also be revealed

On supporters were angry and pissed at the school conditions 

A message from a student. please (read below )



Good day mr Austin,i understand everyone has right to be angry at such; but you posting this to every group, both ND1 mtbs, ND1 nautical and all the other groups except marine engineering shows you are trying to send us a message that this act was carried out by your opponents, which i belive you don’t have any prove, i totally understand politics too, the same thing was done at the female wings yesterday, your opponent pictures was torn too as well as yours,.. but you coming here to post not only on the school group, you went as far as posting to the departmental groups too, this shows you’re trying to pass a message which we both understand, we are not kids. i will openly tell u this act you just carried out is ungodly and uncalled for please lets be guided.. i will advice those whom are already having a second thought to overlook as this is pure politics at play, lets shun tribalism vote for tranquility vote for the betterment and advancement of our institution, come Saturday next week..




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