Davido Accuses Of Stealing Song “Jowo”

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Davido is known for taking other people’s songs, and making it his own.



But before now, no artist has ever accused him of ‘stealing’ their song or even blocking them on social media.

This might turn out to be a real scandal for Davido, who is at the moment celebrating his 10th year in the industry.

Recall that “Jowo” was one of the hits on his last album, A Better Time and he even did a music video for it, not long after the release of the album. Honestly, it’s one of the best songs on it.

Little did we know that “Jowo” was actually owned by popular B-list singer, Victor AD, who has in the past worked with Davido on a song called “Tire You.”

According to a Twitter user who claimed to have seen Victor AD confirm it on Hip TV today, Davido took the song from AD after they recorded together, then blocked him on all social media and threatened him.

See screenshot of the tweet below:



This news is now beginning to make rounds online, especially amongst rival fans who are taking it very seriously. This is very bad for Davido, if true.

We await comment from Davido‘s camp. I’m sure they’ll come through very soon.

and so many times people try to pant the young singer black and blue  to suit their agender



sean and bright will be here to read this news


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