Cristiano Ronaldo thrills South African artiste Master KG after grooving to Jerusalema

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Cristiano Ronaldo Stuns Master KG After Grooving To Jerusalema


Cristiano Ronaldo thrills Master KG after grooving to his song Jerusalema – The South African star has had many amazing people join his challenge – Having the 35-year-old join the bandwagon is something of pride for the artist – Taking to social media, Master KG shared the news and his excitement, thanking Ronaldo for making his wish come true


Master KGโ€™s Jerusalema just does not stop giving! World-famous soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo got involved with the global dance revolution and Master KG was blown away. Seeing the unity Jerusalema has created all over the globe is truly heartwarming. Watching all the clips have struck many smiles, tears and instilled a lot of hope during a time where it is needed most.


Reports gathered that Master KG had wished Ronaldo would partake in the Jerusalema dance challenge and he did. Seeing the endless support for Master KG with a heart bursting with gratitude


Master KG bursts with pride as Cristiano Ronaldo grooves to Jerusalema. Photo Credits: Master KG and Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Source: UGC Taking to social media, Master KG expressed his endless thanks to Ronaldo for hearing his wishes and being such a team player. Having an international football legend do his dance challenge is something Master KG will never forget.








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