Clubs in Ibadan ain’t safe no more, EFCC has started barging in night club unexpectedly

Night club ain’t safe no more in Ibadan

EFCC with their unauthorized action or let say is our own government that took us for granted by given such order.

Can you imagine EFCC barging into 360 night club on Friday night and arrested 89 people for no reason.

Please tell us law still exist in this country or some agency are just too big more than the law. Let see the protocol that was observed before arresting 89 people effcc.

And the governor seyi mankide will be aware of this by now also probably president buhari too but still they wouldn’t budge because only those citizen that matters to them are their children.

There is even a rumor from an unknown source that one person was wounded among the victim and died.

Politics is just a Scam in Nigeria,  lost of hope

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