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I never in my life thought I’d be a victim of domestic violence . We had a misunderstanding this morning and I was even still trying to make amends as it should be in a relationship, but instead my supposed boyfriend chose to be violent. he pushed me away and I pushed him back.
that’s all I remembered before he started landing slaps, punches on face.. I fell down with my hair bonnet over my face blinding me and he kept on beating me, I tried to remove the blindfold so I could find my way out, he dragged me into the toilet and was strangling me against
the WC till it broke , I had to pull his shirt and I was using my hands so he wouldn’t kill me , he kept slapping me until his neighbors had to come and rescue me. You put out a tweet in defense to my tweet which they coerced me into deleting at the station claiming I hit you
you had to defend yourself you went on to the police station after you saw my tweet to report a case that you were physically assaulted. how manipulative can you get?You abused me physically and then followed it with bullying me with the police and further emotionally abusing me

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