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After one year, Twitter influencer Tife , finally sues his now married ex-girlfriend, Sansa , over “false rape allegations”.

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Tife on twitter today Over a year ago, I was falsely accused of rape by Comfort (Sansa), she didn’t make formal complaints but continued alongside others to consistently bully me on social media platforms. This is for your attention Comfort Omovre Akindulureni

. This letter has also been










Tife i sent to your lawyer. I am posting it here so you & others can see it as well. I am tired of the drama created by vicious people to promote themselves at my expense & I have taken steps to clear my name, to also make sure no one ever uses rape as a weapon whenever they feel like


which trivialises the pain of real victims. If anyone else has something against me on the allegations, or choose to continue pushing false narratives about me, get ready to be a co-defendant.


I will await the results of all investigations & won’t be commenting further as the legal process have now commenced.

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