tekno – mistake mistakenly


tekno – mistake 


This beat ain’t normal
Ah! I make mistake
My mistake
I don’t know, give me a break
Bitch, come and eat your stake
You don’t know my money is thick
Don’t make rules
I hate rules
Hope I made the same mistake
I don’t know, I make mistake
Bitch you know
I just wanna be happy
Make a lotta money
Owe nobody nothing
Wanna live my life
I don’t wanna get married
Or maybe I’ll get married
I don’t know for sure
I don’t know for sure (sure)
Oh, why, too many times
You’re in your feelings
Too many times
She tell me this time it’s over (yeah)
She think l’m trying to maneuver (yeah)
I get pussy on a plane
All my n get a taste
Dark chocolate (eh)
Hope this bitches ain’t late (eh)
Bitch, Im like drake (yeah)
You see, Ilight that shit in one take (eh)
Oh that billy on the way
I make…


















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