Olamide eventually going to fail is promises

Olamide eventually going to fail is promises

Hello Nigerians, you be wondering  why we said  this, don’t worry  we have our fact keep following.

About  7 years ago a famous Nigerian  rapper popularly known as  olamide  baddo took to his twitter handle  and tweet a promise to Nigerians  that he will be releasing  album  every year and he has been keeping the promise but the curiosity lies on will he be able to fulfill the promise this year?

December is going and we still don’t perceived any wave from him,  his he going to fail this year or he has something  coming  that is hidden to the public…. Time will tell and December  marks the compromises.

Just let wait and see just like is boy has said fireboy album .

From the stable  of djybnl olofofo expert


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