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Poco Lee slamed by female dancers for sexualizing 1 of them during her performance at an event video

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Poco Lee slammed


Poco Lee has been slammed by Nigerian female dancers for sexualizing one of them while she was performing at an event.



base on  reports, the incident occurred at an event organized by a brand Po co Lee is representing as a brand ambassador



The dancer, Xter berry, was performing on stage along side other dancers, when Poco Lee, who was sitting in the crowd made a derogatory comment




“P**sy p**sy so yummy,” Poco Lee said filming the dancers while zooming in on Xterberry’s crotch area.



He shared the video on his Instastories and it sparked outrage among other dancers who took to social media to chide him for disrespecting Xterberry.

People noted that Xterberry is hardworking and committed to her craft, yet Poco Lee berated and reduced her value by sexualizing her.

They also shared a video of Xterberry writing an exam just before her dance performance that night.

Watch the video below,




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