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Woman experience tremendous emotional and physical change during pregnancy. Massage during this period is beneficial for the expectant mother as it promote her general well being and can prepare her for childbirth. Massage also alleviates discomfort and minor ailments. Furthermore, as the baby grows, the abdominal skin stretches. Massaging the abdomen with and appropiate oil can help maintain the skin tone and elasticity and prevent stretches mark from forming.

Woman who massage their abdomen during pregnancy tend to have a closer bond with with their unborn child. In fact, during pregnancy, especially during the final months,almost all women intuitively stoke and massage their abdomen. Perhaps this is done to calm the baby whenever he move restlessly inside the womb. It is during the final months of pregnancy, too, that the baby responds as much to touch as to sound, so you should stroke your baby through your abdomen as often as you can. Since the baby also responds to sound, try to listen to relaxing music during these quiet moments.

The best person to give the expectant mother a massage is the father to be as he can massage part of the body that she can not reach, for instance her back or legs. Not only that, massage will help him feel a part of the pregnancy and delivery process, can help him connect with his unborn baby and further prepare him for fatherhood. Sharing such as intimate moments can also bring the couple closer together






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