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14 kids raised by animals watch videos

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It is said that; it is only at your lowest point that you get to know your true friends. It is in difficult moments that the wheat is separated from the shafts. True to these words several kids in recent and ancient times have found themselves under the care of animals after some of them fell through the cracks of domestic violence, abusive parents and neglect by the people who were meant to protect them. Luckily for these kids, they landed on compassionate animals both domestic and wild. They are the real life “Tarzan”. If you’re familiar with the movie “Mowgli” then you know what I’m talking about. Some of these kids were so out of touch with any human care that they began to act like the animals that raised them. It’s insane! It’s overwhelming to the human mind. So treat those animals right, they could be the only friends you have if you find yourself in the streets or worse, the jungle.
Hello there and welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green! In this this video we will explore 14 kids that were raised by animals. If you think these kind of stories are only found in The Jungle Book, then you are in for a treat. You should stick around for number #1 as we will showcase some of the most unexpected and unlikely animal parenting stories that will absolutely blow your kind





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