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Naira Marley – “Koleyewon








Hmm, hmm
T’oba foh, o ti fuck up (t’oba foh, o ti fuck up)
T’oba fuck up, o ti sh’aye (t’oba fuck up, o ti sh’aye)
Kilo kan aye (‘kan aye)
O j’oju aye, o tun fe j’aye (o tun fe j’aye)
O lon fuck pelu street (o lon fuck pelu street)
Shori street, lo ma fuck e up (‘o ma fuck e up)
Awon girls lo ma set e up (won ma set e up)
Awon boys lo ma fuck e up (won ma fuck e up)
T’oba wa, won ma wa e (t’oba wa, won ma wa e)
T’oba be, won ma be e (t’oba be, won ma be e)
T’oba gba, won ma gba e (t’oba gba, won ma gba e)
T’oba ja, won ma ja e (t’oba ja, won ma ja e)
Fuck, fuck that shit, like that shit
Fuck that shit, me, I like that shit
How many boys don die for the street?
How many boys don blow for the street?
K’oto ye won
(K’oto ye won)
Ko’to ye won
(K’oto ye won)
Omode d’ogbon kiku (omode d’ogbon kiku)
Agba d’ogbon sisin (Agba o si d’ogbon sisin)
How you no go know? (how you no go know?)
Aye mo, orun mo (aye mo, orun mo)
O ma shock e
Ni odun yi, o ma sh’ope (o ma sh’ope)
Ba n bet e, o pada wa be’be (o pada wa be’be)
Taleleyi? (ayy-ayy)
Kileleyi? (‘Ge-‘Ge)
Taleleyi? (ayy-ayy)
Kileleyi? (‘Ge-‘Ge)
Taleleyi? (ayy-ayy)
Kileleyi? (‘Ge-‘Ge)
Heys, kuron’be
Taleleyi? (ayy-ayy)
Kileleyi? (‘Ge-‘Ge)
Taleleyi? (ayy-ayy)
Kileleyi? (‘Ge-‘Ge)
Taleleyi? (ayy-ayy)
Kileleyi? (‘Ge-‘Ge)
Hey, kuron’be
Werey d’owo mo
Omo ase o m’ogun, oun pe l’efo
Though shall not foh
T’oba foh, you’re gonna fall
Sh’ole k’irun ni asalamo
Wonti poh to, a le saa funwon
T’oba wa, a ma shee funwon
T’oba wa, a ma shee funwon
K’oto ye won
(K’oto ye won)
K’oto ye won
(K’oto ye won)
A kin shey mo gbo, mo wa (a kin shey mo gbo, mo wa)
Eyin le fi iwe pe wa (eyin le fi iwe pe wa)
A de, won ni eran ti tan (a de, won ni eran ti tan)
Won sope omi obe lo ku (won sope omi obe lo ku)
Won je s’ori bi t’ede (won je s’ori bi t’ede)
Eni ko gbe oti wole (eni ko gbe oti wole)
Won jeun yo, a m’oti yo (won jeun yo, a m’oti yo)
Shebi gbogbo wa ti yo (shebi gbogbo wa ti yo)
Baba re ko le be (baba re ko le be)
Iya re ko le be (iya re ko le be)
Egbon re ko le be (egbon re ko le be)
Iwo nikan lo le be (iwo nikan lo le be)
O lon fi iku sheree (o lon fi iku sheree)
Boya lo ma de’le (boya lo ma de’le)
T’aba ti wa yin wa’le (t’aba ti wa yin wa’le)
A tun ma le yin de’le (a tun ma le yin de’le)
Awon omo KPK (awon omo KPK)
Awon omo ko por ke (awon omo ko por ke)
Awon omo ko gb’ebe (gb’ebe)
Malo je k’olo ka iya e mo be (je k’olo ka iya e mo be)
T’oba n sukun, ma ri ran (t’oba n sukun, ma ri ran)
Shebi iwo na ma bimo (shebi iwo na ma bimo)
O sh’epe fun omo lomo (o sh’epe fun omo lomo)
T’eni t’ode ma la mo (t’eni t’ode ma la mo)
Ti e gan bo lo na
Set awon oun bo lona (set awon oun bo lona)
Won ni ko “kuron’be yen na” (won ni ko “kuron’be yen na”)
K’oma lo f’ara mu ina (k’oma lo f’ara mu ina)
T’ori e ba gba ina (ayy-ayy)
A ma la’gi mo e lori (again)
Shebi o sope o ni werey (shebi o sope o ni werey)
Egba ma l’oko werey (egba ma l’oko werey)
(Niphkeys, Niphkeys)
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Quotable Lyrics

To ba fo, o ti fuck up
To ba fuck up, o ti se aiye
Ki lo kan aiye, o je oju aiye o tu fe jaiye

O lo fuck pelu street, shori street o ma fuck e up











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