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Adekunle Gold Yoyo

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Sing o like no one is listening
Dance like no one is watching you
Even if them dey looki looki
-Dance o Dance o
Love like there’s no tomorrow
And if tomorrow come abeg Love again

Ojo melo la o lo laye -how many days do we have on earth
Ta fi nwo burglary -that we are wearing burglary proof
Emi o ni waye yi mo ya o -I won’t take this life too hard
Maa logba mi pe -I’ll enjoy my time
Tin ba leku siwon -if I wish them well
Ton ba lejo simi -and they don’t
Ma fife sewon lese -I’ll kill them with kindness and love.

Yo yo yo
This life is sweet
Enjoy everyday like tomorrow no dey
Yo yo yo
My life is sweet
I’m living the moment
Bad belle e quiet



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