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Nigerian rapper and singer Ikechukwu Okoronkwo, aka Acerbergtm, is set to release his debut EP Far From Home’ next month.

Before that he will release his first single Danca on March 26 in Kenya.

This will be followed by an East African media tour aimed at promoting the EP and looking for avenues for collaboration with local acts.

Speaking about his love for music, Acebergtm said it provided an escape from peer pressure and other vices.



“Smoking and street fighting; I got a strong sense of peace and satisfaction every time I heard my favourite songs growing up,” he said.

The Lagos-born star debuted in the music industry last year following the release of his first single Heartbreak, which garnered seven million streams across all digital platforms and 764,000 views on YouTube.

The EP has six tracks and showcases his unique talent of fusing various genres. Acerbgtm is signed with Sir Justine World Entertainment Ltd.


The single will be part of his debut EP titled ‘Far From Home’ which will come out on April 16th, the same day as the release for the music video of ‘Danca’.

‘Danca’ is a perfect blend of Afropop mixed with Amapiano beats, and is the main single of the ‘Far From Home’ EP. As a kid growing up in a city populated with creatives, ‘Far From Home’ was inspired “by the thought of me trying to be abstract” AcebergTM said. Each of this travel represents a journey, untold stories and the passion to be extraordinary. The ‘Far From Home’ EP coming out on April 16th is the untold story of six songs. These six tracks represent a journey and a rare talent which covers four different genres, namely Afropop, Afrobeats, R&B, and Amapiano beats. “The reason behind my craft and this body of work is myself a rapper trying to show more versatility and to create and fit into my own niche in the music industry”.

About Aceberg

AcebergTM (real name Ikechukwu Okoronkwo) was born in Surulere, Lagos State, where he grew up with his family. “Aceberg”, as he is popularly known, began his musical career in early 2013, starting off on a bright note. He has worked with several producers including, JFred, Fredibeat, Oshobeats, Nakmademus, Mcomms, Graydon to mention but a few. Aceberg’s first musical release ‘Letter to God’ was released in 2015.

In February 2020, he signed his first professional contract with music heavyweight ‘Sir Justine World Entertainment’. Aceberg dropped his first professional project, ‘Heart Breaker’ under SJW Entertainment on the 31st of July 2020. The audio and music video have gained over five million streams across all platforms within just five months.

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