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Pikin wey dey suck breast no know say miliki cost
As you dey follow blind man o shay you rEady to lost
As time dey go no remote to pause
As you dey waya the Aza try to dey plus minus
Ogbeni which kyn heart u get
Rain dey beat mama for house you pay one year for hotel
Mumsy wey sell her rapa bail you for cell
No be to be a bigi boy o shay you get the sense
Use your head before them go use am for you
If you broke you will know that no one likes you
That is my little advice for you
Give to maleh before you give obianuju

Brother leave big ikebe
Chuba the cash o
Money go bring them come
www hustle dot com
Obi oga abu gide a boy o till thy kingdom come (x2)
Anyi Bute ike umu girls abia
Asa gbachaa lika lika ofu alert odaa
I love you pass my mother the girl achiaa
Mana orichaa your money odi mean koo gi was

Verse 2
If you dey calculate the money wey you spend on flex o
You for don build fine house
Avoid urgent 2k girls invest o


Egbon,no be everyday guy man dey collect o
Before you do waya make sure you bless your family first o
For the sake of maka chukwu try help your brothers biko
No dey come for here come dey form busybody
Charity begins at home o Okoro
No dey buy me drink brother give me the update
I am a born again i no dey like alcohol
Na hustle be my church o(hallelujah)




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