Gbese Gbese lyrics kaptain

It’s shy beats
It’s your boy kaptain
Argh argh za za
Shey you talk say abi your guy,
Why e be say I dey progress you gather people dey preach lie
You no know say if you gimme your wings
And I give you my wing me and you fit fly
You no know say if you get and I dey happy and I
Get you dey happy tell me how the account go fit dry
Instead d you dey happy I dey trek only you dey drive
You want be the boss for the rest of your life
You no want make I cashout, Abi you be guy man wey get black heart
We dey hustle till the bee everyday
On a stead we dey survive on last card
Well but day must break again and old taker must take again
Breeze dey blow outside you no fit talk say e no go blow again
Egbe egbe egbe egbe egbe egbe egbe egbese gbese gbese e don burst
Omo I just say make I tell you say oluwa don bless the boy
Gimme money you say money no dey
Gimme update you say update no dey
Show me the way you talk say you no know road but for your neck you
Wear like 15 gold,
See brother man reason am how e for dey if you pull up
Inna Benz and I pull up in a range talk say e no go make sense
Charlie talk say e no go make sense


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