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men Beware Of Women That Swallow Sperm A MUST READ)

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the cum is rich in some nutrients that help form healthier generation, you wonder why u vibrate when cumming, some even have reduced appearance after ejaculating, some become so hungry.

I’m showing you something here, that cum contains life.

It takes about days or weeks to be formed depending on your body system.

That life contains essentials vitamins and nutrients.

Some men after ejaculating have reduced intelligence, start forgetting somethings easily, what has been actively learned.





That’s why sons n daughters of drunkards are dull and not intelligent the semen is deprived of nutrients grin

Now reasons I say fear a woman who can swallow your cum.

Women like this have minds to do anything:-
They are adventurous

They are emotionally dead
They are fearless
They are very selfish and lastly

Warning To Guys; Never Cheat On This Type Of Women If U R In Relationship With Them

If She Is Your Whore Never Ever Insult Her.

Otherwise, It Will Be Rest In Peace For You.




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