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Nigeria’s are burning tires at street, people are trying to steal at night some are angry cause of the two more lockdown given ,while some countries are staying indoor and burying victims of corona virus pandemic,Nigeria wise up

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Recently so many activities has been seen lately wear people are trying to steal from the  nearly neighborhood and people are also seen burning tires late at night just to prevent thief’s


people are complaining of the more two weeks lockdown given

they’re no security in Nigeria to secure it state and streets ,Nigeria youth use this opportunity to steal and rob definitely without the conception of the government,


lot of people are been seen dying in different countries lot of dead body been seen on the street due to the death of corona virus

Country’s like that are more careful and been locking their self down without government been telling them to

it is literally seen and said that Nigeria don’t really take the corona virus as a serious issue


people are literally fighting in Nigeria for no reason

which makes no sense

pictures are show below

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