I don’t even understand these people that judge student with their own account balance…oceanography

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student  are literally complaining about the resumption date ,due to the unexpected bills like transportation fees.  From student who stays across Nigeria ,who are currently schooling in oceanography.


so many of the students speak out  their feelings about resumption .


Because You have the flexibility of travelling at will, does not mean everyone falls into that category

Beginning the year with unnecessary expenses


We only become human when we put other people  into consideration…



…And they was argument between the students against resumption


shown below

Keep running ur mouth, cos u are in the school premises


Na everybody get mind to day borrow money nii


Hahhahahq🤣🤣🤣🤣 oga no be me call you say may you come back school nah go tell management this one





and some students are literally trying to help each other for bills .


😂😂😂 the  stuff is nonesense now , you no reason am nii okay if I talk say I get money to come back other koh ,how they wan take do am .









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