Zlatan signed a cute Dog to his newly launched record-label













Zlatan Ibile has signed his new pet, Astalavi_thadog, to his record label shortly after he made the announcement on a new signee.

Zlatan had in a tweet earlier on Friday said: “Someone is getting signed to ZANKU RECORDS 3:30pm Nigeria time today !! TAG BELOW IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW ALREADY.”

While many of his fans waited to see and know more about the new signee, the Zanku crooner shocked them by unveiling his new dog, which he welcomed to Zanku records’

Sharing a photo of the pet wearing chain and wristwatch, Zlatan wrote: “WELCOME TO ZANKU RECORDS @astalavi_thadog HUMAN BEINGS sef they do like ANIMAL this days . ! Welcome to the family ! Love you brother



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