Female friend leak friend secret online by calling her olosho 3k

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As the story is. Coming this morning
The girl in report was drunk

See her life for Abk ,werey omo ,na Ogun go kill you oo 
Na me you dey gara  for social network abi
Shey bi na be olosho 3k abi ,na God go punish u oo but you be fake Virgin ,husband snatcher
You wey  you dey talk say I dey do borrow post no be your dawta clothes you pack  commot  for house (Mhiz Richie) awon omo werey na Ogun go kill u Omo ale
I fit blame  u wen u know get respect for ur mama why u no go dey follow me talk shit for social Media Ogun kill u for me u way be say u be osanle Ogun kill U way be say u be Street dog u don forget den time way u dey sleep for my house way be say na me dey feed u and ur mama and u talk say I dey sell indomie no be me and u dey sell am together
Se all de guys way de fuck u no dey give u Money na me go still dey pay for bike 
Thank god say my  Olosho na 3k BT I still dey feed u inside de 3k Ogun kill u for me
U talk say u be virgin and na under dick sleep up and down and u be 17th years old
My life still better pass u cause na guy way don get iPhone and wey dey wear gold and wey dey lodge for hotel na them u like to dey fuck up and down Ogun ma pa e ni idiot we go Abk together u dey form like say na lekki face one u dey live and na fake life u dey live omo ofo and dey fuck and leave u Aunty olobo tan cancel
All girl’s na Olosho causes if Ur mama no be Olosho she no go born u and he many dick don fuck u for dis year causes na  na everybody be boo wey muller dey Na omo ale 
Ati pe ninu Benz wa and we no dey lap
No cum dey tag ur self for here Aunty virgin
Aunty sinapor

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